Capital City Rewards Scholarships to Outstanding Students at St. Augustine High School

May 15, 2024

Capital City Rewards Scholarships to Outstanding Students at St. Augustine High School

Capital City Presents The Capital City Excellence Award in Memory of Co-Founder Charles Jones and the Stan Scott Legacy Award


Washington, D.C. — Capital City Mambo Sauce is proud to announce the establishment of The Capital City Excellence Award in memory and honor of the late Charles Jones, celebrating the outstanding achievements and leadership qualities of students at St. Augustine High School in New Orleans, LA. The inaugural scholarship was presented alongside the Stan Scott Legacy Award, a one-time award honoring the Class of 2003 at St. Augustine High School.

The Capital City Leadership and Legacy Scholarship:

Presented by Capital City on behalf of Stan Scott, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships, The Capital City Leadership and Legacy Scholarship honors the visionary spirit and enduring legacy of co-founder Charles Jones. This scholarship empowers aspiring college students who exhibit exceptional leadership qualities and a commitment to leaving a positive impact on their communities, echoing the values that Charles Jones championed throughout his lifetime. Through this fund, Capital City seeks to perpetuate his influence by investing in the next generation of leaders who will shape a brighter future.

In its inaugural year, Capital City is proud to announce that one scholarship has already been presented, with plans for a significant future scholarship to be awarded next year. The future scholarship recipient will receive $40,000 over four years, at $10,000 per year. The execution of this initiative has been solidified with a memorandum of understanding, ensuring the longevity and impact of this scholarship program.


The Stan Scott Legacy Award:

Additionally, Capital City presented a one-time scholarship of $2,500 to Ryan Allen Jr., the first recipient of the Stan Scott Legacy Award. This award, in honor of the Class of 2003 at St. Augustine High School, commemorates the contributions and legacy of Shane Bailey, Leslie Butler, Bradley Sherrie, Roje Meyers, Terryl Tolliver, and Travis "Twiggy" Williams. The Stan Scott Legacy Award celebrates the enduring legacy and brotherhood of the Purple Knights, connecting past and present students.

Ryan Allen Jr., whose father is a Purple Knight from the Class of 2003, has been named the inaugural recipient of this award. The award embodies the class motto, "I am my brother's keeper," by nurturing the brotherly and community ties that define the Purple Knights. In addition to this award, Stan Scott honored the future legacy students of the Class of 2003, naming Jabari Brown Jr., Jarren Marshall Jr., and Kellen Thompson Jr. as future recipients of the 2003 Legacy Award.

Through each initiative Capital City Mambo Sauce remains steadfast in its commitment to youth and the continuation of social impact, ensuring that the next generation is equipped with the tools and opportunities needed to thrive and make meaningful contributions to society.

For more information, please visit St. Augustine High School


About Capital City:

Established in 2011, Capital City, LLC was created to give Washington, D.C., metropolitan natives a taste of home. Capital City is a specialty foods manufacturer based just miles outside of D.C. that produces a regional cult-like chicken wing condiment called mambo sauce.

Mambo sauce is a sweet, sticky, and tangy chicken wing condiment created and offered only in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. Capital City's flagship product, Mild mambo sauce, is the first commercially bottled alternative for those who love the taste of mambo sauce but no longer have access to it or simply prefer to eat their meals at home.

Capital City's mambo sauce is used at several restaurant locations as their "house" wing sauce and can be found at various retail locations in the Washington, D.C. area, nationally across the United States, and internationally at military commissaries.

For more information, please visit Capital City.

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