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Just wanted you to know, the mambo sauce arrived safety out here to Afghanistan, thank you! I put it on some Popeyes chicken, and it was magnificent!!! I got a couple people that are not from DC taste it and they went nuts!!! I’m sure more orders will come, especially from me. The mambo sauce is even better than I remember, and I grew up in DC all my life! Bernard H.

I was born and raised in Southeast DC and Moved to Kentucky with my job a year and a half ago, A co worker showed me this site and i almost passed out. Now just waiting on the mambo sauce to arrive in a couple of days. Shaun G.

I really miss mambo sauce especially since I grew up in Capital Heights, MD!! So, I’m really excited to place an order to be delivered to me in Orlando, FL Alisha V.

I moved to Charlotte, NC in 1992 from Northeast DC area. I have always missed being able to order chicken and mambo sauce from almost any corner Chinese food joint. When I saw a sign at the local Chinese carryout for mambo sauce I screamed and immediately ordered 2 to go. I was very disappointed at what they were trying to pass off as mambo sauce. My mother called from DC to let me know that there was a company selling mambo sauce online. I was very skeptical of what I would get in the mail, but I had to try it. Amazing!!!!! I am now placing another order for four more bottles. These guys have the real deal. I wish I could buy it from the Walmart here, hint. Jacqueline D.

Mambo Sauce has been around in DC since around the mid 60’s thanks to “Wings n Things”.  I just want to give you the facts so that we can preserve our history. Antoine B.

I first tasted mambo sauce in the late 70s after.After a night of clubbing my first stop was on 14th Street NW at a carryout place. I can’t remember the name of the carryout but their mambo sauce was like none I’ve experienced lately. The sauce was tangy with more of a creamy consistency. I may try a bottle of your brand and I hope I won’t be disappointed. To taste mambo sauce from the 70s will be a satisfying experience. Salivating here. Alice B.

I bought this for my husband for his birthday and I thought he was going to cry.  He is a DC native and ever since we moved to Atlanta he has been talking about how much he misses chicken wings and mambo sauce.  Thank you for letting me bring a taste of home back to him.  He likes it so much whenever we bump into people down here that are from DC, he makes sure to tell them about your mambo sauce and where they can get it. Abbie

OMG I am in 7th heaven. Can’t honestly say if this is like the old “eastern market lunch counter sauce” since it’s been probably 20yrs since I left the ATT office in SW dc, BUT you have nailed it. I got my chick wings today and was in heaven with your sauce. Can’t wait to try it on steak and other things. So glad y’all got a write up in the Post and I found you. Keep making a great sauce. Pam M.

My husband is in the military and we move around quite often. We’re currently in North Carolina and I came across the Capital City Mambo Sauce website and decided to order a bottle. My husband and I tried it and we are IN LOVE! Capital City Mambo sauce gives us a small taste of home and it will definitely always be stocked in my kitchen. Tailor

I have been eating mambo sauce for years as a resident of DC. I sampled it on some chicken wings and I have been hooked ever since. I recommend it to anyone who wants to try something different. Benny D.

Chicken, fried fish and shrimp, pork chops, french fries and anything else possible. When your done, lick your plate and then your fingers… mambo sauce is addictive and legal. Throw out your ketchup…that’s old school. Capital City Mambo Sauce has arrived! Jenny C.

I just want to say I love your sauce!!! I love the product, it’s priced very well and I love the throwback label! Reminds me of late nights at the Go-Go. Kim F.

Every time my friends come over for dinner, they persuade me to fry chicken in order to use some of this yummy mambo sauce, we are all fans! It makes me miss DC. Stevie D.

Get me some more of that mambo sauce! Denise K.

We used it as a glaze and did an awesome job on our last pork tenderloin. Lance J.

Finally a real taste of Washington, DC Loren T.

I tried it out last weekend on some fried chicken wings. Good stuff indeed! Capital City Mambo Sauce….. I use it like ketchup! Billy G.

This mambo sauce sauce is some GOOD stuff. You came up with a great formula and it’s even better than what I remember. Dawn C.

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