Free DMV Week Sponsorship

Do you go to a college or university with a DMV based student organization and would like FREE sponsorship for a DMV event at your school?

Well you’re in luck. At Capital City we pride ourselves in being a champion for the DC metro area and that also includes college students who have left to further their education.

So here’s the deal. If you attend a college or university and would like to host a DMV related event at your school we have a sweet (and free) opportunity for you.

We want to support your cause and give you a little taste of home at the same time, so we are offering the following:

  • Gallon bottles of Capital City™ mambo sauce (supply your own wings)
  • Prize pack One (1) signature t-shirt, two (2) bottles of Capital City™ mambo sauce, one (1) Mambo Sauce Band CD and whatever else we can find.

What do we want in return?

Our company needs to be named the official sponsors of your schools DMV Week, which would include being tagged in all tweets and posts on all social media accounts. Simple right? Yeah, we think so.

So how do you get a DMV Week sponsorship? It’s simple. Fill out the form below and we’ll contact you in 2-3 days on how to move forward.

Please Note: We will respond to your request in 1-2 days, but we will need at LEAST two weeks to process your order. Contents of box may vary based on availability.

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