Capital City® Mambo Sauce Expands Retail Distribution with Costco Debut

May 23, 2024

Capital City® Mambo Sauce Expands Retail Distribution with Costco Debut

The iconic D.C. sauce will now be available at 10 Costco locations throughout the Northeast region

Washington, D.C. — May 23, 2024 — Capital City® Mambo Sauce, the official wing sauce of Washington, D.C., is thrilled to announce its latest expansion into 10 Costco stores throughout the Northeast region. 

Capital City® Mambo Sauce, a celebrated Black woman-owned business, that has grown into an enterprise, was founded by Arsha Jones and her late husband, Charles Jones in 2011 with the goal to bring the authentic taste of mambo sauce to a wider audience, starting from their home kitchen and expanding to customers nationwide. Originating from the heart of Washington, D.C., this unique and flavorful sauce captures the essence of the city’s culinary heritage, and Capital City® Mambo Sauce has been instrumental in sharing this story and taste nationwide. 

The brand’s success with its ongoing regional growth, highlighted by a recent partnership with &pizza, the renowned pizza and craft beverages chain, is further driven by the appointment of Stan Scott as Vice President of Strategic Partnerships. Through this newest partnership, customers will be able to relish in Capital City® Mambo Sauce’s signature flavors, the Mild Mambo Sauce and the Sweet Hot Mambo Sauce at select stores. 

“Partnering with Costco is a dream come true for Capital City; it means we are continuing to connect people with the authentic taste of our mambo sauce, bringing it to even more families, and building a legacy for the staple that is unique to the D.C. area,”  said Arsha Jones, CEO and Co-Founder of Capital City Mambo Sauce. 

Stan Scott, who joined Capital City earlier this year, has been instrumental in driving the brand's strategic partnerships and expansion efforts. With over two decades of experience in sales, marketing, and operations, Scott's expertise is pivotal in navigating this new chapter for Capital City. His role includes managing existing partnerships and exploring new opportunities to elevate the brand's profile and reach.

“The expansion into Costco aligns perfectly with our vision for growth,” said Stan Scott, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships. “Costco’s reputation for quality and value matches our commitment to excellence and community engagement. We look forward to introducing Costco members to the unique and unforgettable taste of Capital City Mambo Sauce.”

The brand, which began its retail journey with local mom-and-pop stores, is now available in over 3,000 retail locations, including Target, Walmart, Amazon, Wegmans, Safeway, Food Lion, Harris Teeter, and more. Capital City® Mambo Sauce’s entry into Costco continues this expansion, allowing customers in the Northeast region to experience the sweet, sticky, and tangy flavors that have made the sauce a household staple in Washington, D.C. Fans can now find the sauce in select Costco locations, perfect for enhancing your dish with an all-purpose topping sauce, but not limited to chicken wings, fries, and a variety of other dishes.

About Capital City 

Established in 2011, Capital City, LLC was created to give Washington, D.C., metropolitan natives a taste of home. Capital City is a specialty foods manufacturer based just miles outside of D.C. that produces a regional cult-like chicken wing condiment called mambo sauce.

Mambo sauce is a sweet, sticky, and tangy chicken wing condiment created and offered only in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. Capital City's flagship product, Mild mambo sauce, is the first commercially bottled alternative for those who love the taste of mambo sauce but no longer have access to it or simply prefer to eat their meals at home.

Capital City's mambo sauce is used at several restaurant locations as their "house" wing sauce and can be found at various retail locations in the Washington, D.C. area, nationally across the United States, and internationally at military commissaries.

For more information, please visit Capital City.

About Costco 

Costco Wholesale Corporation operates an international chain of membership warehouses, carrying quality, brand-name merchandise at substantially lower prices than are typically found at conventional wholesale or retail sources. Costco’s membership warehouse model allows the company to operate efficiently, providing a wide selection of merchandise in a no-frills environment.

For more information about Costco, visit Costco.

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